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Slovak company formation

Slovak companies are very attractive for both foreign and domestic entrepreneurs. In Slovakia is one of the lowest taxes in Europian Union.

Establishing s.r.o. in Slovakia

Slovak company formation are attractive for both foreign and domestic entrepreneurs. Their establishment is often complicated due to demanding legislation. And that is why we offfer assistance with setting up, transfer and management of companies.

Ready-made Slovak companies

We offer you selling Ready-made companies, established for the sole purpose of resale to customers. These companies have never done any business activities and they have no business history, liabilities, claims but they have paid up the basic capital and have fulfilled all tax obligations. If you purchase Ready-Made companies, you can start business in a few hours.

Virtual Office in Bratislava

This kind of service is still more attractive for both - beginners as well as acclaimed entrepreneurs. If you start a business, this service can save you a lot of money for renting office. Entrepreneurs who don´t need office space for their companies are looking for this kind of service, too.

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