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Slovak Companies

Included with comprehensive professional services we also create Slovak companies, their management and various additional services. We also offer an option to purchase ready-made Ltd. for our customers.

Establishing Slovak Company

Whether you are a natural person, sole trader or an entrepreneur, founding Ltd. in Slovakia requires a lot of time and money. That is why we offer assistance in establishing Ltd.. Our company prepares all necessary documents, registration of trades handled and incorporation instead of you and you can spend your time to develop your own business.

Buy Ready-Made Ltd.

If you do not have time for setting up a company but you want to start a business with a new company immediately, we have a solution for you. We offer sales of Ready-Made companies, established for the sole purpose of resale to customers. These companies have never done any business activities and they have no business history, liabilities, claims but they have paid up the basic capital. If you purchase Ready-Made companies, you can start business in a few hours.

Virtual Office in Bratislava

This kind of service is very attractive for both – beginners as well as acclaimed entrepreneurs. If you start a business, this service will save you a lot of money for renting office. This service is searching mostly by entrepreneurs, who do not need office space. Our company provides offices, which verify all legislative regulations.

Changing capital into euros

At the end of 2009 all companies have an obligation to change the capital from the Slovak crown to euro. In the case of failure of performance in your companies, the authorities can asses you at 60 000 Euro (1 807 560 SK). Similarly, the company can implement other changes such as change agent, partner, or other location unless they are in society as deposits and share capital into euros. Our clients provide representation in this matter before the commercial register.

  • Price for changing the capital in Ltd. is 50 EUR.

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