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Virtual Office in Bratislava

This kind of service is still more attractive for both - beginners as well as acclaimed entrepreneurs. If you start a business, this service can save you a lot of money for renting office. Entrepreneurs who don´t need office space for their companies are looking for this kind of service, too.

Our company provides establishment and operation of the business headquarters in our own premises with all legislative regulations.

Virtual Office in Vienna Gate building in Bratislava is from 23 € per month

Rent headquarters in Bratislava in Vienna Gate Registered office includes a registration office for the company on the lucrative address in Bratislava - in high-rise building "Vienna Gate" on Kopcianska 10, receive and store e-mail and notification of e-mail received by e-mail.

This building has 24 hour security service and reception. Inside building you can find the operation of several banks, shopping center and many smaller shopping sites.

Virtual Office in Klincova street in Bratislava is from 24 € per month

Registered office includes the official headquarters for the company in a modern office complex in the center of Bratislava in the Rose Valley 6th Registered office includes a reception and mail storage and notification of the mail received by email. In the building is to use the services of a notary, legal and accounting offices, and many other companies.

This address can be rented air-conditioned meeting rooms with refreshments with a capacity of 6 +1 or 20 people.
Prenájom sídla v Bratislave II, Ružinov v Klincova

Virtual Office on Vyšehradská street in Bratislava is from 18 € per month

Rental offices in Bratislava Visegrad Street Registered office includes a registration office for the company in modern multifunctional facility in Bratislava Vyšehradská 12, receive and store e-mail and notification of e-mail received by email.

Virtual Office on Michalska street in Bratislava is from 33 € per month

Company seat includes registration office for the company in a historical building in the historic center of Bratislava on Michalska street. Our building is adjacent to the historic building of Michalska gate.

Stock price is valid for payment in advance for 3 years from the date of contract for the company's headquarters in Bratislava. For a shorter billing period pay the price under the price list.
Virtual office in Bratislave Michalska street

This service can be ordered at establishing a new companyselling ready made companies, also as a separate service for already existed company, for example, the austerity measures.

The management company (housing office) may also order additional services:

  • Forwarding mail to another address (mail forwarding to address in the European Union-correspondence only)
  • Notification of mail received by mail, phone or SMS

Virtual Office

Apart from the provision of  business headquarter you can order many additional services, which are provided under the name virtual office.
  • FAX
  • Web and email services
  • Corporate Identity
  • Bookkeeping

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