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Establishing Slovak Company

Limited company may establish one or more individuals, as well as one or more entities. Capital Ltd. is at least 5 000 € and the minimum contribution of each partner is € 750 . We will prepare for you a special contract, so you do not have to carefully repay capital. Shareholder or director may be a foreigner, and not have to permanently resident in Slovakia.

The main advantages of the business through a limited company is a limitation of liability for the amount of capital, it means standard 5000 €, by contrast, sole trader guarantee for its obligations with all property.

Another plumbless advantage is the higher prestige Ltd. and perhaps the most interesting is the possibility of the tax optimization, which allows you to save a few tens of percent of income.

Price for the establishment of new Ltd. € 429

The price for setting up a new company Ltd. includes the following services:
  • our trained staff will analyze your needs and will recommend you the most appropriate form of business, business objects, etc..
  • we prepare all necessary documents for the company formation
  • we will visit Trade Licensing Office on behalf of you and discuss the issue of business license
  • we prepare and file proposal for the company entry into the Commercial register, and then we discuss an extract from the Commercial Register
  • the price also includes a registration fee of incorporation, which is the classical administration of € 331.5
  • we will register your company at tax office to the payment of income taxes
  • you hand over all documents and you can start
Other costs associated with setting up the company:
  • € 0 - the fee for issuing a trade license for a business free
  • € 15 - notary fees for verification of signatures in one-man company (for more managers and /or attendands a few Euros more)

Entire process of establishing a company typically takes 10-14 business days.

In a new company we can provide:

Complete costs connected with setting up a company are 406 € including all fees for state authorities in one-man companies and one line of business.

If you are interested, we will register your company at tax office to additional taxes (VAT, tax on motor vehicle ..).

Do you need a new company immediately?

In case you do not have time for setting up a company but you want to start a business with a new company immediately, we have for you Ready Made Comapanies for an immediate buy. These companies have no obligations but they have paid up the basic capital.

For more information, visit Ready Made Sales Ltd..

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